Do you want a Planet filled with loving people?  Do you believe in prayer or meditation?  Then pray, meditate with us that Love will rule the hearts and minds of people everywhere.  The Global Prayer Chain Vision Is Everyone Praying For LOVE… Loving LOVE and Loving All Others.

Boy PrayingImagine a world-wide vast group of Believers praying together as ONE, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for LOVE to be the Greatest Priority in each person’s life and Loving Others the way we each would like to be loved! It is like harnessing the power of the sun and focusing it through a magnifying glass. This magnified unified PRAYER POWER will have an exponential Impact and LOVE will blossom everywhere!!

Prayer Power works!

What is one of the most important things we can pray about? For every individual in each country, culture and belief system to prioritize “Love” as the greatest ideal, and to love others. In other words, honoring “LOVE” as our God and then Loving Others the way that we would like to be loved. It is simple and yet profound and would change the way humanity thinks and acts. With this common ground to stand on, together we could build a “Paradise Planet over the next generations!”

Love is the international language that everyone in thGroup Prayere world understands. By uniting in prayer about Loving LOVE and Loving Others, our common belief over-rules our differences.

Imagine being able to have millions of people all over the world praying in unity for “your” prayer request?!! It would have a dramatic effect! Join our Global Prayer Chain and make it complete! Every “link” in our chain is important and that means you! Please fill out the form to the right to become a part of history!


We are almost entirely funded by people like you, this is your investment.  Do you see anyone else doing it?  Join us and help financially.

*** Please share your ideas to our Webmaster!  Write Info@Global-Prayer-Chain.org Now!